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  2. *Nino leans against a tree and smiles. With a grunt she depresses the PTT.* ”This is Captain Kobiashvili, Georgian Armed Forces, Mountain Reconecense battalion. I appreciate your goals and I’m of the same mind. Helping those who deserve it is just part of equation. I’d like to talk more about this and get to know you. I uhhh.... I have plans.” *she releases the PTT*
  3. *Multiple blank, short transmissions of static flush through the speaker, mumbled rumbling following suit before the static was finally followed by an american-accented voice* "Hear you loud and clear, Ace. Always relieving to hear another human being's voice, especially through this rain." *An elongated pause of static, the same pitter patter of rain ran through the speaker, before the voice once again continued* "Jaren's the name, I have no group, nor do I have a militant background, but I appreciate that your end goal in this epidemic is likewise to mine. There's strength in numbers, I look forward to the day I have allies at my side once again. *He'd pause once again* "I have my fingers crossed you find a flock to survive with, and in unison we can collectively end this epidemic. Stay safe, stay dry, and stay sane, I hope a more relevant transmission comes through for you."
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  5. "Serial People Robber" I'm assuming that's a meme
  6. *The pitter patter of rain against sheet metal can be heard as the man keyed his radio, a light sigh followed before he spoke into the soft static in a tired voice* "Hello. Hello hello? To anyone listening, my name is Ace. To keep this transmission short, I am looking for any collectives that are organized, especially those run by military or former military. I'm highly proficient in the medical field, from scrapes against concrete to surgeries or just taking care of the ill, I can provide. I came to this country on a humanitarian aid expedition, but got lost when shit hit the fan. My unit scrambled and I never managed to link back up with them, I-* *He cut himself off, moving the radio away from his mouth to let out an exhausted yawn. He then shook his head head in attempts to keep himself awake a little longer, moving the radio close to him* "Man, I'm tired... As I was saying, I never found the men I was with or any traces of them. I know revealing, at minimum, that I am military or even worked with military is risky, but in the days we live in now, you must take risks to survive and I plan to assist people to the best of my ability and see the end of this epidemic." "Those who would kindly accept me into their flock, ask for Ace. I'll keep tabs on the radio for a few hours longer. Hope to see whoever else is out there." *Once he was done, he pushed his radio aside the table he sat at and folded his arms across it. Resting his head against his covered arms as he waited for any response to his broadcast*
  7. B I L L Y nice profile looking good
  8. Using an Axe, it will get you stuck in some animation. the fix is leaving, rejoining, leaving, rejoining (you can jump to get out of the animation, but you cant switch anything into your hands or pick anything up). A way around it is dropping the axe on the ground, then dragging it onto your back, or into your hands, or just use a knife to kill zombies.
  9. had a USG-45 "UMP" disappear off my back twice now both times I re logged in a Chicken Farm Barn. first time was the server crash. second time I reloged because I was having trouble picking things up into my hands.
  10. Well, basic rundown is pretty much 1) follow the rules 2) have fun 3) follow rule 1 Enjoy your stay.
  11. Just want to say that I've been having a blast on this server. The launch of the new lore was not as smooth as any would have liked, and server issue are still being found even now, but I'm having fun.

    I look forward to every time I get in-game.

    See you all on the server!

    1. Dvlinhb


      "The launch of the new lore was not as smooth as any would have liked..."


  12. Mind giving me a basic rundown i want to be able to have a good bit of fun and find a small group within the community hope we get along great!!
  13. Hazard

    Levi West

    I updated stuff to fit 0.63 also added some people!
  14. Kaz Changas will be making his glorious return to 102.5 The Ramble


    1. JkpFrog


      Record your RP/broadcasts when you do, so you can post it on the forums for us who aren't close enough!

  15. I'll notify all the Asian women on fire hydrants of your arrival.
  16. Ninja


    "Das sind gute nachrichten. Ich hasse Kommunisten. Ich bin nur ein Mann, der Arbeit sucht. Forgive me if I speak poorly. My family did not teach me well. As I was born in America, I mostly learned from my grandfather when we visited Germany often. I will try to contact you when the sun is high. Hopefully you understand English." "Levy it is good to hear that you are alive. Continue to stay safe. Blaubeere ficken"
  17. *Presses PTT* well, if senseless murder is how you want it, especially over a couple words, all I can say is A) don't you think that's a bit much? B) America is a country of psychopaths And C) you need a therapist, because you have anger control problems But if its death you ask for, its death you shall receive... *releases PTT
  18. Graipyy


    " oook? Levy 102.5"
  19. Graipyy

    Levy's SOS

    " we do this american style. Pistols at high noon. Ill be in vybor in 3 days."
  20. You seemed to run with them the other day though hmmmmmmmmmm. These are Domonick's thoughts they are far from facts.
  21. Red

    Domonick Salads

    Ayyyy, made the CP! Maisie's a loner though, dude. No groups. Big dumb.
  22. Auri

    IP and such?

    Hey there! I recommend joining the server discord, as it has all of the server info, alongside some admin announcements that are pretty relevant to serverside stuff such as restarts, temporary shutdowns, etc! https://discord.gg/DKrGT9 but here’s the server IP/Port in case you don’t feel like going through that stuff. DayZ server:
  23. ColeKing

    IP and such?

    I just got accepted for whitelisting and i wanna favorite the server so i can join it as soon as i get whitelisted but i cant seem to find it.
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