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  2. ASpookyRussian


    From experience, no. This is to put the priority over RP.
  3. Vrtra


    Got a question that’s been on my mind - is it ok for someone in game to shoot the shit with others in TS so long as everyone else in that TS room are out of game?
  4. Could be a good idea to delegate it to the lower members of staff? Gives us lowly helpers something to do.
  5. Not sure what you mean about this suggestion. Out-of-character communication is banned while in the server and id hope anyone unmuted at that time would of been reported. The only time players are going to be able to be in 3rd party is if we are extremely busy talking about admin stuff in an admin room or we are helping a player in game. If you mean a form of afk room then just use the afk room while in game.
  6. Negative, barely have time to sit and talk to my admins. I dont feel like sitting for 4 hours in a teamspeak channel just for me to turn on voice priority to talk over people like other communities have in the past. Community votes etc are done on the forums through text, same as discussions.
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  8. The amount of wisdom in the song “The real slim shady”


    damn straight

  9. Graipyy

    Levy's SOS

    " the levy lives!!" * soke manic drug fueled laughter can be heard* " thank you mysterious man hans. I am indebted to you. And to other man on radio. I said my location 3 times. Are you deaf or dumb? Levy leave nothing behind he take it all." * some more manic drugg fueled laughter can be heard*
  10. Chaotic Lawful John retard
  11. been having a great time RPing on the server again, thank's everyone for the big epic rp going on right now.

    1. EggEater
    2. Vrtra


      Keep having a good time man! 🍺🍺

  12. prins073

    Jacob Wilson

    "Chaotic lawful" Shit man I've been playing DND all wrong since 5e Came out I think.... LOL
  13. LITERALLY told him told him that CHAOTIC LAWFUL isn't an alignment, he's just a john retard.
  14. JkpFrog

    Jacob Wilson

    Chaotic Lawful isn't an alignment, muffers. It's two opposites smooshed together. Outside of that, I'm curious of what the Orange and Blue on his personality mean--? Could be nifty, since there are some opposing traits listed on there. Interested to see you pull off Cop rather than Military, as you go through with this fellow. Good luck with him!
  15. MuffMart

    Jacob Wilson

    Thanks @Bambi for letting my copy your format.
  16. MuffMart

    Jacob Wilson

    Age: 28 Alignment: Chaotic lawful Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue Height: 5'11" Personality: Cold, charismatic, deceptive, authoritarian, immoral, cruel, confident, honest, loyal, dominant, Significant , Neutral, The Used , Lambs To the Slaughter Claire Philips- After Being around you a lot I've gotten really close to you. I normally don't get close to people, but somehow you sneaked in. on the road we traveled for a while, and I ended up saving your life. We regrouped and You threw your arms around me, I couldn't help but hold you close. It's so out of character for a person like me to feel for anybody. But somehow you got me. Doing the rest tomorrow.
  17. Sorry Ethan's like that and he's as shocked as she is about how his brother is right now
  18. i feel that Ace and Ethan will get along really well and am already loving how he is as a character, keep it up dude
  19. loving this page as well, keep them updates coming
  20. Updated relations under Family,Friend,Neutral and Dead @MuffMart@SofiaL@KleptoTerren@WinterAndrewsand @Jman14102
  21. Updated Relations @MuffMart @Dew
  22. Dew

    Michael Fletcher

    Updated. 11/14/2018
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