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    Hello everyone! I've been lurking on the coast for a little while, just getting a feel for the game itself. I've only been playing dayz for a couple weeks and I've decided I want a little more than just KOS PVP - so I've started looking at RP servers. I'm familiar with forum text based rp, done a loooot of that over the last 18 years or so but this would be my first VoIP RP. So I apologize now if I'm a little awkward at first while I relax and get into my character more. Other than that I should have no problem with the stories and sticking to my character. I am assuming I need to post this intro in order to get my character profile up? :P I have a rough idea of who I'd like to play but I need a space to put the ideas down in stone. I'm interested in some medic stuff, but I'd like that to evolve over time IC. She'll probably be pretty basic to start and evolve over time. A little about me ooc: I definitely know how to separate IC from OOC and I'm not easily offended IC or OOC, so no worries. I'm a pretty easy going person. I don't have a lot of personal time to devote to this, so I'm so so sorry if I ever have to cut out of stuff (( trust me, it hurts me too because I desperately want to play! I love a good story)) I will try to avoid it as much as possible. I am a mom IRL first and I only play when the little one is sleeping, so that usually means afternoons for a couple hours and at night. I'm on the west coast. I'm excited to meet more people and I look forward to playing with all of you! Feel free to ask questions or give me any advice. xo
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    >Ninja when he was told he was head admin, and he needed to save the server.
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    I thought I'd upload this for people who want to watch. I may upload more in the future maybe. But for a little context we were looking for Keith because he double crossed Devlin, Keith had gone to Jack for Sanctuary and this was there temporary camp, Devlin had made a deal with Jack that he would not offer Keith Sanctuary. Assault on Jack's camp, Cecilia and Keith's death
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    Hello there, one and all! Firstly I'd like to start off saying I'm very excited to be playing here at Quarantine. I love RolePlay games, and games like DayZ are perfect for such a thing. I've been roleplaying since I was probably around 6-7 years old, started off where most people do with D&D, then moved onward and upward to games like Warhammer 40k RolePlay. I've recently, within the last year or two, come across another tabletop game called Vampire: The Masquerade and have been playing that weekly. I'm a Freelance Voice Actor and Graphic Designer, soon to be going to University for Games Art & Design in 2020, fingers crossed, and am excited to do what I love as a full-time job. I'm also a part-time Livestreamer and ex-Youtuber, though I may be getting back into that. Now, in terms of DayZ playtime and roleplay experience, I have a lot. Of both. I have just over 1.2k hours in DayZ, rookie numbers in some cases, and have been roleplaying in DayZ since the Arma 2 Mod days on an old, now long-disbanded server called DayZEnd. I was lucky to start in a good community 'cause it solidified my love for creating stories and helping others do the same in servers like these. Taking life into account, and someone's story, helps to create a rich world full of memories and stories that will live on for as long as the server does. If ever anyone should want some roleplaying advice, or want to throw around ideas and suggestions, I'm always up for a chat about such things. Looking forward to meeting you all in the Apocalypse! P.S. It's pronounced Jesse.
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    I was banned under suspicion that I would mass KoS when Nozzy got banned, I wouldn't have. I knew Nozzy for about a week before he got banned and talked to him a handfull of times. I got home from work, checked the forums and saw that I was banned, and I didn't know what for until I talked to staff. I'm here making an appeal days after Nozzy got banned and I think that shows I won't KoS.
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    James Ledingham Make Chernarus Great Again Song 1 Song 2 Backstory: Classified Relations: The Cabinet - Vice President - N/A Chief of Official Media / American Press- N/A Assistant Chief of Official Media / American Press - N/A Director of Secret Service / Security of Presidential Staff - N/A General of American Militia Forces - N/A The Citizens - N/A Threats to The Democracy - N/A
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    Name: Nicole Smyrnoi Age: 26 Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Height: 5'9" Hair: Dirty Blonde straight Eyes: Brown Distinguishing Feature: Glasses; Nearsighted. (Glasses required in game in order to see in to the distance) Goal: To be a fighter, not just a spectator. Significant , Loyal , Friend , Unsure , Hated Jack - ( Most Recent Update ) Exactly what I told myself not to do from the beginning: stay away from Jack and focus on being useful. You're too complicated and frankly everything is kind of a shit show right now. Maybe that's why it was so easy just to let go? To fall into the warmth of your embrace like the world crumbling around us doesn't even matter. You leave it up to me but you say you want more than just that if I'm willing. It's hard to build something when I've spent so long letting go of everything that I am. I wanted so badly to be just a shell of a person, resigned myself to ultimately dying for your cause but still I agreed. I need the protection of belonging to someone in this group to get the mouth breathers off by neck but if I'm being honest, it's so much more than that. Fuck it, lets see where this goes 'together'. McCreary - ( Most Recent Update ) Nothing ever happened between us and honestly I don't think there are any hard feelings. You don't have a clue the bullet you just dodged and you honestly never will. Things will continue as they are and I will still look to you to lead us when Jack is not around. I respect your decisions, draw strength from your composure, and know that we can count on you when things get tough. Levi - I trust him. The moment he handed me ammunition in the streets rather than disarming me I knew I could trust him. He's done nothing but give to me and I feel indebted to him. I will do anything for him. Von - Quiet fellow. I look forward to finding out more about you and trust that you have our backs. Diana - I'm sorry Diana, but I don't trust you. It's nothing personal, in fact I think I like you, but the fact that you're able to walk into Devlin's camp has me suspicious of you. (Update) Okay, you've got me less spooked. You're more of a person in my eyes. Everyone else seems to have your back so I guess I will too for now. Curtis - You're a foolish kid, but a survivor. I can respect that much. Trey Morris - I am suspicious of you and I don't think you're telling the whole truth. I wont let you touch me. I can feel you trying to dig into me deeper and I don't want you in those dark corners; I don't even want to be there. Despite all that I appreciate the time and care you put in to teaching me things - probably some of the most useful things I've been taught so far. I'll stay near enough to learn but out of your spider web. Joey Apple - You're my fucking hero man. I seem to agree with you on a lot of aspects, especially when it comes time to pull out your handy shovel. Nick - And so the fashion police has finally arrived! You're a wily guy and while I don't trust you yet I don't think you mean any harm. (Update) The nurse? Okay, so my opinion of you just lowered a bit but truthfully you two seem to bring out the better in each other. I know you have your doubts about our group but you're missing a lot of pieces that go in to the decisions being made. I hope we can count on you going forward. Nurse Angela - I don't like you. Unintentional or not, you set us up and things could've been bad. You're delusional about your place in this world and I don't trust you. (Update) Lucky for you there is someone else I'm saving my bullet for and I think I might be able to tolerate your antics more. (Update) Nick makes you a better person. I can't exactly call you a friend but I promise I'll try really hard to be nice to you going forward. Callie - I think you're a stupid little girl who I'd love to put a bullet in right now. Just please give me a reason! You sold us all out. We were on the run with NOTHING, stripped of everything and you sold our position. I roamed that city for days with no gun and could've been taken and it would've been all your fault. I will not forgive you for that. For now you can hide behind your +7 boob agility with Jack, but I wont hesitate to 'accidentally' have a gun malfunction in your face if you give me the chance. (Update) I'm going to try. Not for you but because it really means something to Jack. Colton - I really like you but I'm not sure what to make of you. No one seems to trust you and I can't say that I do either if you ran with Devlin. OMINOUS as fuck. Devlin - Fucking monster, that's what everyone says. I am however very impressed by your organization and power, I just don't trust or particularly like you right now. Deceased
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    Theme: Personal Information: Features: Special Items: Back Ground: Relationships: Character Goals:
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    One of the better screenshots I've taken. This was while killing a zombie horde near Green Mountain. ( 70+ zombies.) In that screenshot alone, I can count the shapes of about 20 zombies! Holy moly holy moly
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    She waltzed away into the sea baby take me with you please I don't know what i'd do If you leave
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    ( K e y - V a h F o a l - e e ) —ALIGNMENT—Neutral Good Age: 16 Years Old Height: 164 cm (5'4) Nationality: Irish Born in Dublin Ireland Scrawny, young and covered in freckles. She's everything a growing Irish girl is supposed to be, complete with red hair and a cheeky smile. But Caoimhe doesn't get called by her name much anymore. —BACKGROUND— The tickets were bought for cheap, the seats near the back of the plane. Her Dad hadn't much to spend outside of work, after all. Eamon Foley had found out long ago that being a Historian was a hard career path; working as an exhibit designer meant hours of study on the periods being showcased, and the pay that was never as steady as advertised. But he'd brought her along with this time. She'd remember those tired brown eyes peering over his glasses, rough hands putting their luggage away as they tucked themselves into the overcrowded aircraft. The warmth coming off his shoulder when she fell asleep part way into the flight. The plan had been simple. He could spend a few days hopping between one of the many buildings that the National Library of Russia encompassed, while she was promised time to spend exploring St. Petersburg. One of the benefits of homeschooling. They had to swap to a different plane on hitting the capital of Norway -- even then, Caoimhe noticed that some of the passengers had come off the same flight from Dublin. The businessmen, a sweet mother and daughter with their grandparents, a couple of rougher men in casualwear, and a few louder, attractive Irish lads who seemed to from some sorts of sport team. Caoimhe stopped paying attention to any others after noticing them getting on the same flight. They weren't any quieter after the left Norway, but she didn't mind. It wasn't until part way into the flight that things took a turn for the worse. One of the engines failed. Everything after was a blur. The masks falling from the ceiling, the pilot calling for an emergency crash over the intercom, someone screaming, her hands grabbing onto her Dad. She couldn't remember the plane hitting the earth, just the feeling of being thrown. Waking up was hard. Hearing the creak and whine of overheated metal, everything hurting and aching. Someone grabbing her sides, pulling her out from under something heavy -- the pain of coughing out smoke and the taste of gas. They survived the crash. —LIKES— Sweets, peaches, hearty foods, roasted meats. Reading, usually fantasy or horror. Growing flowers and food. Fires and explosions, but only when not life threatening. Earning praise, or even just being appreciated. Listening to the Radio. Fishing. —DISLIKES— Upsetting Devlin. Heights. Being tied up or locked up. Knives of any kind. The cold. Going hungry or running out of food. Being forced to cook when hungry. Making mistakes and/or being treated like a child. Fishing. —OVERALL HEALTH— "Don't mind me none, I'm just clumsy is all." CURRENT BRUISES Neck — "I uh, I just tripped. Got my shirt all tangled." On the back of her neck is heavy bruising, mostly hidden by the hood on her hoodie. Could be finger prints from someone with a nasty grip. Stomach and Ribs — "Got surrounded by infected." Faded bruising, almost gone now, dotted around her stomach and ribs. SCARS Base of her Neck — "Just a burn." Right above the collar of her shirt, there's a square of gauze and tape hastily stuck onto her skin. If it's peeled back, there a nasty looking circular burn, the size of a gun barrel. Back and Lower Back — "Fell onto some fencing." The remnants of too many welts and cuts in the past. Long, horizontal scars cut faintly across her back, light in color. Left Side of Face — "I'm lucky it wasn't any worse." It's not an obvious scar, but it's permanent. The blade caught her upper cheek and eyebrow. Someone familiar with blades might be able to tell it's from a knife. Left Forearm — "I messed up." It's not hard to tell that the marks along her arm are from a knife, obvious and white in color by now. From a distance, it looks like lines. If you turn your head, the name is more easily read. She wears long sleeves most of the time. Left Ear — "When he runs outta room, he figures he'll start back on my eye." Her left ear is a mangled mess. It's been cut, pierced, and had holes ripped into it using various means over time. Bits often reopen and bleed, and there's no hiding that these were purposeful. —GENERAL RELATIONSHIPS— "I'm not really allowed friends." DEVLIN 'THE DEVIL' MORIARTY [ Wolves / Pet / Forsaken ] Devlin says that the most important thing in my life is making sure he's happy. Cause he likes things that he owns to be useful to him, and if they're not — they're useless. And useless things go in the trash. I know Devlin is from Dublin, a former IRA member, and that before this he was some sorta human trafficker. He's a mystery outside of that. I don't know what his tattoos mean, or his history, or even where he got that scar on his face. But I'm not gonna ask. If I keep my head down and be good, things aren't so awful. He says that if it weren't for him, no one would've kept some scrawny little shite alive through the winter months. And the worst thing is — I know he's right. Sometimes, when he's made completely sure that I can't see for tears, he'll even comfort me. And then tell me what happens to slaves that run. THINGS TO REMEMBER: Property can't have property. Carry things. Collect things. Grow things. Mend things. Don't hesitate. Don't talk back. Don't forget to listen. Don't get comfortable. Punishments get worse when he's on the tear. Don't stick your nose into other peoples business. Check plate carriers for guns. Always check. Always always check. ___ LOKI WARTOOTH [ Inside The Fire / Secrets / March of Mephisto ] Loki's one of the last surviving people from the crash, along with me and Devlin. He's got this long, black, stringy hair and looks like some sorta ghoul when he takes off his gas mask. He was mute for months. We had no idea he could speak, much less what kinda person he was. I'd only get hints when he'd sometimes sneak me bits of food, or give me the thumbs up sometimes. But he never seemed to care more then that. We called him "Chatty Kathy" for ages before he finally spoke up. Loki told me that I remind him of Eva, his little daughter, and that if I didn't he probably wouldn't give a shite. Which kinda makes me kinda hope that one day, he'll end up liking me for me, not just for who I remind him of, you know? Weeks ago now, Loki warned me about snakes in the grass who pretend to be good people. He meant other people, but I know now that even if he won't bite me, Loki's fangs are still full of venom. He's as much a Slaver as Devlin. I just need to trust that he won't forget to care. THINGS TO REMEMBER: He doesn't like talking about The Winter. Don't talk Religion. Don't make him angry. Stupid people make him angry. He doesn't care about anyone else. ___ "Take orders and don't ask questions, but remember where your loyalties lie. Cutthroats and slavers don't make for safe friends. These are the ones that help us from time to time." "Sometimes I get to meet people. Sometime they're kind. Sometimes they're cruel. Most of the time they're just very busy." "Guns down. Hands in the air. Don't make a move. Don't even breathe. Sometimes they decide they want to catch others. To take their property, to take as property, or to prove a point." "Dangerous people live out here. Worse than Devlin. Worse than Keith. Worse than anyone I've ever met. That's what they tell me anyway. These are some of the ones they don't like." —PAST RELATIONSHIPS— "Watching people die is the hardest thing in the world, and I don't want to see it again." EAMON FOLEY — "Beloved Father" KIAN O'CATHAIN — "The Devils Right Hand Man" KHENDRA — "Taken Too Soon" JAMES — "Not Taken Soon Enough" AZALEA — "Ungrateful In Life, Silent in Death" MAX — "A Free Spirit" Annemarie — "Mercy You Gave, And Mercy Took You Home" ALEXANDER CAMILLE — "Dead Men Tell No Tales" CECILIA — "Broken in Body But Never In Spirit" KEITH / BUSHY — "Torn Apart by His Own Hubris" ASHLEY KENNEDY — "Gone, But Never Forgotten" CURTIS — "Family Brought You Here, Family Took You Away"
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    *Winters wonders where Joel West through all this time*
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    @Opticillunitic@JkpFrog@MichTheMedic@Jman14102@Graipyy@Bambi@Hazard@FrankFurger@MuffMart@Luna@Von - New Relations. Here we go. I hope This goes well! Tagging beginning relations.
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    First encounter with other players as my new character and it ends with him nearly bleeding out from being shot. I have a good feeling about this one!
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    "Diana! Diana wait! Diana please!" Ashley could barely see through the tears, sobbing too hard to realize that for the first time in a long time, he wasn't stuttering. Diana's eyes were practically squeezed shut while tears still streamed down her face. Her nose was running, her eyes were red, and her hands were shaking so violently that he hoped she would drop the rifle. She didn't. As the powder ignited, and the gun boomed, and the flash emerged from the m4's muzzle, Ashley realized that he wasn't mad at her. He could never be mad at her. He squeezed his eyes shut, and waited. When several seconds passed of nothing happening, he slowly opened them again, confused at what he saw. The world was gray, everything devoid of color. Diana was frozen, the rifle still flashing from the shot and everything still, and silent. He was unsure of what to say, when he felt something, something that immediately put him at ease. He looked down as a hand wormed its way into his grasp, and began tugging him away, towards a light. He saw Saorise, and Cecelia, and even Keith. And when he looked at who was pulling him, he smiled, the tears coming anew. And for the first time, in a long time, Ashley Kennedy realized that it was all going to be okay. "Come on big brother! It's time to go home! Everyone wants to see you!"
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    We are expecting an influx when we switch patches. It wasn't directed at realistic mil players at all. It was directed at the new folks coming in. We want you to play mil characters to show them how to do it correctly.
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    I don't think I've ever been killed by a ladder in DayZ before. First time for everything I guess.
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    This is why we had a vote. @Pirate, @Zeltig, @Aidanj5277, and @Malthis: thank you all so much for you input. The vote has passed and the poll is closed. We will be starting the infection Under 6 mos. We will not be having any starting factions or groups made by Lore Master or any staff. Instead we will allow organic group/settlement creation. The next poll will be opened soon.
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    In light of the results of the last poll we have a few new questions to ask you for the Lore Wipe. Please vote and then post your Reasoning, Questions, concerns or Comments below. Please keep this thread respectful at all times. THIS POLL WILL CLOSE IN 72 HOURS
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    Why did this thread die so soon?
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    So, banning people for maybe association on something? Sounds like the QRP admins read into the book "The Gestapo" and took some ideas from them.