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  1. Was simply a rushed project by people who didnt know about british forces, all cleaned up now but if you have anything you think should be added let the LMs know.
  2. Never been interested in it, 2 hours of time in teamspeak compared to 2 hours that could be spent in game.
  3. Pein


    You're in no way allowed inside of teamspeak unmuted unless your in an admin discussion.
  4. Not sure what you mean about this suggestion. Out-of-character communication is banned while in the server and id hope anyone unmuted at that time would of been reported. The only time players are going to be able to be in 3rd party is if we are extremely busy talking about admin stuff in an admin room or we are helping a player in game. If you mean a form of afk room then just use the afk room while in game.
  5. Negative, barely have time to sit and talk to my admins. I dont feel like sitting for 4 hours in a teamspeak channel just for me to turn on voice priority to talk over people like other communities have in the past. Community votes etc are done on the forums through text, same as discussions.
  6. I'm afraid this is an issue currently with DayZ VOIP wish there was a server wide fix for it.
  7. Hey Mitch, i'm going to be accepting the unban!
  8. Add L85 SA80


  9. Stuff will be sorted on the weekend. Work is way to stressful to be working on this server currently.
  10. I feel like I should put a rule on base building. Thoughts?

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    2. ASpookyRussian


      I think it would be best to wait and see what people end up doing.

    3. Dvlinhb


      A rule for exploits? Sure.

      A rule against working hard, fortifying an area, and roleplaying a small survivor commune? No.

      As long as people aren't just staying in a base and hoarding like weasels / being dickless weevils and trolling using base mechanics- I say let people create however they wish.

    4. Iota of Silver

      Iota of Silver

      No limit for how big bases should be, in my opinion. IF someone wants to build their Staroye mega-town fortifications then let them! But, I do think they should be reported to admins so that if the group A. goes inactive, B. Dies and no one claims then they can be deconstructed to prevent server lag or such.

  11. I will leave myself to think about this unban until the weekend when I have time. Personally don't feel like you have matured any in that month of a ban, I've seen you plenty ooc since the ban and feel you would simply be the exact same way, like I said. I'll think about this over the weekend and I'll unlock the topic then.
  12. Love doing 3 weeks of work on the server just to get shafted by the devs. #63Hype

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    2. Jman14102


      These fucking developers, man.

    3. Opticillunitic


      That sucks man, sorry to hear it.

    4. Jasper


      Devs do nothing for upwards of 10 months at a time and the one time they do something, it’s release two updates back to back. Lol. 

  13. #BurnAll0.63Models. Legit the worst models we've had for a long time,hopefully a characters customization mod is released at some point.