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  1. Just want to say that I've been having a blast on this server. The launch of the new lore was not as smooth as any would have liked, and server issue are still being found even now, but I'm having fun.

    I look forward to every time I get in-game.

    See you all on the server!

    1. Dvlinhb


      "The launch of the new lore was not as smooth as any would have liked..."


  2. It is now cool enough in my state for me to be able to wear my sweaters.

    I am now bundled and cozy and warm and things are great.

  3. She'll always be his friend! Stay strong, Angela!
  4. Well fuck. That's how it goes sometimes, I guess. I had plans for this guy, whole videos for him. Someone please move Malcolm Peters to the deceased. He pushed his luck with the wrong people and it cost him.
  5. Fucking hell, this server has more crashes than a destruction derby.

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    2. devilblade12


      i thought that as much, people really need to turn on the messages...

    3. Jman14102


      .63 was not ready for Stable. Not in the slightest.

    4. EmpressNino


      Hell, I can't even get into the server. Yay! grrrrrrrrrr

  6. All these workshop mods I'm seeing have me chomping at the bit. Really hope we get the mods in the server soon.

    1. Pein


      Hey Jman, we're currently waiting on the Developers to fix the steam workshop. Mods will be here as soon as they fix it otherwise you will have to manually update the files yourself everyime I add something new.

    2. Jman14102


      Ah, fair enough. I heard something was up with the workshop. Thanks @Pein.

  7. Looks like DayZ broke again. Can't open cans, can't repair clothes...


    1. Vrtra



      ah fuck.... I read "can't open cars" … saw the n now... RIP

    2. Malthis


      In case you didn't see the announcement on discord

    3. Graipyy


      im slip my knife across someones throat here. i cant defend from zombies or repair my track suit dammit

  8. It's definitely been a rough start, but I really like the new systems. It feels more streamlined in places and my computer can actually run the game now (other than massive frame drops when I'm near other players). There's an extra layer of danger and complexity now, and the infected pose a threat again. I'm really looking forward to how things progress from here, I'm loving it so far!
  9. Just tears my heart right out. I can feel the emotion in this entry and it hurts. Playing alongside Caoimhe was so much fun. Ashley will be watching, no matter what. From the old lore to the new, he'll be watching. Take care of the bear. Time for Malcolm to pick up the slack.
  10. The server.

    1. Iota of Silver

      Iota of Silver


    2. Jman14102


      I can't deal with it. It's not fun to play at night anymore. It's so broken.

  11. Cleaned up the profile a bit, added some sections and updated some things, and added the background story for Malcolm. Special thanks to the ever-wonderful @SofiaL for the graphics and headers!
  12. I drank too much coffee today. 😖