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  1. She waltzed away into the sea

    baby take me with you please

    I don't know what i'd do

    If you leave


  2. You must be so proud. 

    That was SO funny. 

    Do you literally have nothing better to do? You're Salty as fuck. 


  3. Oh well. I wasn't playing there anyways. Petty AF and seems like a made up reason: speaking your opinion about someone. Flame? Maybe. Full ban?... nah. 

    Whoever the snake is that sent the screenshots, thank you. You liberated me from a tumorous growth in my life. I don't need that kind of negativity anyways. Screenshot this and send it too. 

    On to bigger and definitely better things. 

    I hope you feel vindicated, because I do. Good luck and I mean that in a sincere and kind way. Everyone deserves happiness. Even you. 

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  4. Thank you. Thank you very much.
  5. Basic Infection Timeline: First reported outbreak in North Africa on June 5th, 2018. CDC, WHO, and the UN are sent in early June to aid with the outbreak in North Africa. By July, the CDC, WHO, and UN have pulled out from the region. The Virus spreads South into Southern Africa, Northwest into Spain, and Northeast into the Middle East. By August, reports of the virus are global- although the heaviest concentrations are in Asia, Western Europe, and both East and West coasts of the United States. The virus is nicknamed the “PHP” or the “Pale Horse Plague” around this time. By September, Western & Eastern Europe, Asia & Oceania, South America, and North America are almost entirely taken by infected. Small “Safe zones” have been set up across the world that harbors the last bastions of old-world civilization- but they are in the minority compared to areas that have been completely succumbed to the infected. By October, several Safe zones have fallen and those still active are doing their best to hold back the hordes. Almost all governments and militaries have been destroyed by the infected, and any areas outside of the safe zones are considered simply as lawless wastelands. By November 5th, 2018 (the starting date of the New Lore) the world is in ruin. The safe zones are more or less isolated from each other, and those outside of the safe zones do what they can to survive the harsh new world. Active SZ’s: North America: North & South Dakota (AKA “KOTA”) South America: Paraguay Western Europe Switzerland Isle of Man Eastern Europe: Finland Cyprus Africa: South Africa (AKA “The Cape” - Whites/Light Skinned Africans Only) & Madagascar Nigeria & Cameroon (AKA “The Commonwealth” - Dark Skinned Africans Only) Asia: Nepal & Bhutan & Bangladesh + Inbetween Land (AKA “New Burma”) Shikoku Okinawa Kyushu Hokkaido Oceania & Australia: Victoria Tasmania Northern Island of New Zealand Failed SZ’s (AKA “Dead Zones”): North America: Winnipeg Colorado North & South Carolina South America: Cuba Chile & Argentina The Falkland Islands Eastern Europe: Lithuania & Latvia & Estonia Chernarus Western Europe: Italy Asia: Tokyo Oceania & Australia: Brisbane Southern Island of New Zealand Nuclear Detonations (Wiped Off Map): Main Japanese Island Hong Kong Beijing North & South Korea Most of Southern India Taiwan Istanbul The Panama Canal F.A.Q.: Q: Is Chernarus still a safe zone? A: No. Chernarus is far from safe. There are roaming packs of infected that carry the infection on them and in them. Bandits and loony people also dot the map. Q: Can I cut off a limb to save myself from the infection? A: No. The infection is blood transmitted. By the time you cut off the limb, it will have already circulated through your entire body. Q: Why is the UN and US Military not really mentioned in the Chernarus lore? A: We didn’t think it made sense for them to be heavily involved after the Civil wars in Chernarus. They would have backed out and not returned for the infection due to them being busy with their own safe zones and protecting their own people. WHO and NATO would likely be spread fairly thin as well. They can’t be everywhere at once. Q: Are the Quarantine zones in Chernarus still a thing? A: Yes. In a stroke of genius, we were able to salvage the idea and implement them in a new way. IC, there is little to no known reason for people to enter the largest military installments because of the dense population of infected there, but if they do they will be putting themselves in danger with bandits and dangerous people (KOS zones). There are also roaming packs (to explain the rotating QZs) that are circulating the map always. The Infection is Airborne and therefore will still require you to wear a gas mask in these Unsafe Areas. Q: My character is a Marine. I have a friend who wants to play a Navy Seal. Are we still allowed to play these characters? A: Yes. We are not stopping people from creating characters they want to play. HOWEVER: In order to play Military Characters from another country, you will need a GOOD REASON for them to be in Chernarus. Whether that be a rescue mission, maybe an escort mission, or a Recovery mission. You can always ask us for help if you are unable to think of a reason. Q: Can I be immune to the virus? A: No. There is no immunity. Depending on your immune system you may be less likely to contract the virus, but in the end, you’re not immune. No one is immune. Q: Can I say my character is from a currently active or previously failed Safe Zone? A: Yes, you can. If you need more information about these zones, you may ask the LMs about them.
  6. If you have concerns or complaints, please take them to my DMs on Discord or my PMs on here. I am not opposed to hearing feedback. Thank you.

  7. More like bring back the dead because it's a new lore and a second chance to play it differently. It's impossible to have to same story twice.
  8. Happy Spoopy Day, everyone. 


  9. Biggy balls huh? Nice image name. He asked a LM a question about the future lore. I answered as a LM about the future lore. That doesn't mean we are going to tell people they can't play characters. Not once did I imply that. You don't need permission to play anything. If the characters are unrealistic or trolly, you might get a PM to fix it but it won't be from us. We don't control who/what you play. That's the Admins jobs. I was just stating my opinion.
  10. We don't have a control over everyone's character but military characters directly affect the lore. They aren't barred or anything we just wanna be sure we don't have six marines in Chernarus to "clean things up" and saying six different things. Don't worry. Everything will be fine. We are mostly looking for continuity and reason. We are not going to tell anyone they can't play a mili character.
  11. Military characters with a good background and reason to be in the area will be fine but we don't want too many since it wont make sense for the lore we intend to implement. They would be too busy with their assignment to be around Chernarus really. As far as crazy characters that is a good question and I suppose it depends on who you ask of the lore team. For me I dont want a lot of them, but because Chernarus will be a lawless wasteland it wouldn't be too far fetched to assume they would be around. Probably not too concentrated as there are other areas that they can prey upon the weak and feeble. I guess it depends on what kind of crazy, too.
  12. Thank you for being so understanding. We're doing our best to accommodate.
  13. You're welcome. I think there was misunderstanding about the 6 months thing on both polls, but it's been voted and we have to go along.