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  1. Graipyy


    " oook? Levy 102.5"
  2. Graipyy

    Levy's SOS

    " we do this american style. Pistols at high noon. Ill be in vybor in 3 days."
  3. Graipyy

    Levy's SOS

    " we will be seeing you"
  4. Graipyy

    Levy's SOS

    *the cherno man begins to sound irritated* " is so nice that some one wish levy was dead just for his things. I hope a tree falls on you legs and zombies eat you while you trapped. "
  5. Graipyy


    *a familar local accent comes over the radio. Though sounding slighlty tires and worn, it is still fairly cheery* "Hello. Nice hear you ok. Is levy. There is man named david. Look for him round vybor. He could use help."
  6. Graipyy

    Levy's SOS

    " the levy lives!!" * soke manic drug fueled laughter can be heard* " thank you mysterious man hans. I am indebted to you. And to other man on radio. I said my location 3 times. Are you deaf or dumb? Levy leave nothing behind he take it all." * some more manic drugg fueled laughter can be heard*
  7. Graipyy

    Levy's SOS

    *a extremely shaky voiced levy comes over the radio. his accent is that of a strong chernorussian. though now it would sound as if he was shitting him self. his words are almost inaudible over the sounds of dozens of infected screaming hungry for his flesh* "This is levy!!! I need help. i spent night in military tents in north west airfield." *The sound of a knife can be heard stabbing the top of a head* "God dam. Levy slept on top of bunker by military tents. he woke to a horde. i waste all my ammo to see if i could make a path- fuck you" *a audible thud can be heard with a small struggle soon following before his words come back* "They are some how climbing the dead bodies and jumping at levy. I need help please. someone. i am at north west air field. Levy has never seen so many zombies." *before the radio seems to loose its power, levy screams seemingly in a unsuspected rage.*
  8. *a quirky cherno accent comes over the radio* "Where you been. I find my voice and you poof. Levy has been telling everyone of your camp but everytime i am there no one there. Levy will be on and off radio. See you soon doctor. Also hans n his cdf friends look for you to give medical shits."
  9. "stable beta" im finding alot of bugs with base building and the psa system and the field transmitter. i cant get psa to work with either battery. same with field transmitter i dont know how to get it to work.
  10. fml. my game stutters more then a crack head at a precinct 

    1. Jman14102


      Stutters more than Ashley. 😜

    2. Graipyy


      really tho. i  got massive frame lag or something. 

  11. When pressing f5 with gun in item in hand item disappears
  12. are we expecting more work on server or can i silently loot around ?

    1. JkpFrog


      Silently loot away my friend. May be some work on the server, but likely tommorow.

    2. Graipyy


      Domr and done now to silently roam 3 sleeps to headset @Vrtra is a prince. Big thanks to him for buying me a early b day prezent

  13. Currently on restart seeing items i dropped n items that were there b4