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  1. been having a great time RPing on the server again, thank's everyone for the big epic rp going on right now.

    1. EggEater
    2. Vrtra


      Keep having a good time man! 🍺🍺

  2. LITERALLY told him told him that CHAOTIC LAWFUL isn't an alignment, he's just a john retard.
  3. updated relations @MuffMart @EggEater @achmed @ all of muffmarts goon squad filled with useless characters
  4. in vybor shooting zombies just spawns more like wtf
  5. (Items taken from survivors by force) 1x K-AM 1x K-AM Magazine - 0 bullets 1x Megaphone 1x MP5 magazine - 27 bullets 2x Water Bottles 3x Cans of food 3x Boxes of .45 ACP As healthy as can be.
  6. i'm having horrible problems with voip, have to literally be FACING and STANDING right infront of someone to fucking hear them, and can't hear anyone after stepping back like 5 feet. some people are having the exact same problems I am. anyone know a fix?
  7. Age: 25 Ethnicity: USA Alignment: Chaotic Evil Traits: Selfish, Greedy, Egotistical, Cruel, Dominant, Loyal, Intelligent, Brave, Confident, Thin skinned, Dangerous, Immoral, will be added soon Family, Friendly, Neutral, Disliked, Enemies ( + = Not a target for robbery, * = Robbed already ) Billy Bazlo + - "The only person I can trust. I met him when I was a stowaway on a cargo ship on it's way to Chernarus, I was hiding from the police. We had the same goals, with similar mindsets. We are taking the new world by storm together!" Domonick Salads "Known him for awhile, he's got my back. We got split up for a little while there but we found him again, fed him a shit ton of rice and now he's back with us helping us rob mo fuckas. I sort of trust him, but I don't trust him as much as I trust Billy." Simon Stills aka Simon Says "Some kid we found, gonna' turn him into a real serial people robber. He's weak, but I will train him to be an epic warrior." Austin * - "Gave me a megaphone, very cool guy!" Alvin * - "Had jack shit, what a fucking waste of time." Jacob and his goon squad - "Finally some strong people, their leader said he wanted to work together or some shit. I ain't following nobody, ALBERT KAZOO HOURS!" Kieva - "Young lass, gave me some very useful information." Devlin - "Irish guy, caretaker of Kieva. Somewhat interesting." Levi - "Some chernarussian dude, did a nice trade with him."
  8. Welcome back dude o7

  9. It's been about a month since I got banned, and I've had a lot of time to think about it. I understand why I was banned and I know that it was my fault. I was immature and constantly broke rules OOC and pissed off members of the community. OOC and RP were always two completely different things for me, I always dicked around and shit like that OOC, but I never have been given warning points or have been banned for anything related to RP. I apologize for the immaturity, and the stupid shit I did on the forums, discord, and the TS. I just want to RP with my friends again, and develop new stories now that 63. is out.
  10. one time i was talking to muffmart and made my name ninja in TS and told him to go to college and enlist in marines and get a job cause he lazy af lmao dab
  11. mr d. more like mr deez nuts

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      BoNe M4N 666


  12. play another character like boe thanks very cool

    1. Opticillunitic


      Planning on playing something like Boe after my next character dies.