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  1. Updated Relations with @devilblade12 @MuffMart @SofiaL and Added Relations with @Luna
  2. Added Relations to @devilblade12 @MuffMart @SofiaL and @Jman14102. Wow what a start to Curtis Jones Story!
  3. I was browsing through the workshop and say this mod the Status Indicator https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1560365116 WHEN-ever, everything in DayZ gets fixed I think it is a neat mod to make it easier for people to understand what their health, hunger, hydration is at
  4. Yesterday I tried opening a can of beans with my pristine can opener but it would not open
  5. I know in the modded version of QRP there is whole Zombie hordes everywhere , When I went to Gorka there was at least +200 Zombies, when I played the modded version you cant even get through the towns with out +5 Zombies chasing after you, is it meant to have a large amount of Zombies to spawn everywhere in Chernarus? because if so why is it?.
  6. Your Character Name: Winter Andrews Link to character profile: How long have you played the character: more than 9 months Reason for benching: I want to play with my family characters for new lore Are you currently involved in any hostilities or being hunted: no that I know of
  7. I know the server is going to be switching over to .63 very very soon, I want to finish out my character in .62 but it appears people is switching over to .63, who is all going to stay in .62 till the end? if majority is switching over then I guess ill finish my character in .63 and get a early start and get re use to the controls .
  8. *Winters wonders where Joel West through all this time*


    1. SofiaL


      Dad is out getting cigarettes

    2. Dvlinhb


      Probably dead tbh.

      Also, satan dragged him to hell and made him a Lore-Slave for the alternate universe he's crafting.


      So yeah. Oof.

  9. Pages 12 and 13 have been added to Winter's Journal, very emotional and hard to right... includes @devilblade12 @SofiaL @MuffMart and @MichTheMedic
  10. After Effects...


    I got in contact with Diana and Jack on the radio, after I had to kill Curtis... He was going to kill me... I explained them what happened, Jack said he understand, hearing my mom cry it broke me... mid-way talking to them Devlin came in and told me to turn off my radio and said its going to be alright, he'll take care of me and he lead me away from that camp... through that long in-bearable walk, I couldn't see, I couldn't breath, my hands shaking, trying to hold in my vomit, I could barley jog or even walk, I could not function...


    He took me to a meeting place he had with his friend, Loki. They drove me to a safe place near the coast... The next day Devlin was awake, he told me that its going to be hard but I needed to explain what happened, we sat by the fire cooking steaks... I was burning most of my steaks I could not focus... 


    Later that day... Devlin's 3 friends came in, one of the guys who claimed that this was his camp ask me how I was here... I had to explain to him, after  I got done explaining he started telling me aggressively that then Curtis is my brother, brothers don't do that... If Diana cared about me she wouldn't of left me in the first place... saying my family is fucked... worst of all he asked how it felt killing Curtis... I didn't feel so good... I vomited in a bush when no one was looking and went to bed crying my self to sleep...

  11. Thank you! it was really something!
  12. Curtis meets Winter's after Winters finally got out of Gorka... What he didn't know what Curtis was going to do... Before Curtis was going to pull the trigger Winters thought to himself that he didn't want to die, he wanted to be with his new family. Curtis was far gone it had gotten so bad he has gone 7 days not sleeping, having night mares of him killing his father. Curtis thought Winters ratted out Diana (mom) but Winters didn't , he first lied to protect Diana but he had to tell the truth or it would of made things worse for everyone. I want to thank devilblade for making this happened it was unexpected and it was a good rp it was very sad to see Winters had to do what he did. I also want to thank QRP for making this happened, for being such a awesome community doing its best to make role play the best experience possible for DayZ
  13. Updated Emotional Relations with @devilblade12 and @SofiaL. @devilblade12 what a amazing rp that has happened yesterday I had no fucking idea that your character was willing to do that to Winters I have no words that was very emotional the hardest think Winters has done in his life he is in despair and doesn't know what his mom, Jacks people, or Devlins group will think of him.. he still wants to be in his mothers arms (Diana) to cry and cry... What a experience.
  14. Also dont worry Winter's has had a understanding why Diana cant be there for Winter's all the time : )