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  1. @Katzy @Luna I've got the same issue, Mich recommends from now on put whatever magazine you're not using on your hotbar and load them that way so it always puts a magazine into the gun. I've tried all the known ways of fixing the issue but none work for me, recommended things to do is to spam dragging the magazine onto combine for a couple minutes, some people have had luck with that, other people have completely dismantled the gun of all parts into their inventory and then can suddenly load the gun. If those don't work; sadly you just have to get a new gun.
  2. Looks like Robbie is going to have to stock up on candy again
  3. Locking this thread as well as the poll is now closed.
  4. Zeltig is unable to vote at this time, but would like his added to dead stay dead @Pein
  5. Katzy is at work unable to put in her vote but would like her vote added to dead staying dead.
  6. Take Ashley's hand and run for the hills @devilblade12, I'll hire an old priest and young priest to keep Luna at bay for as long as I can...the Vatican will go to Defcon 1 and the entire supply of holy water will be implemented in the war effort if need be...god speed...fly you fools...
  7. Character profiles will not be deleted. You are able to carry your characters over into the new lore as long as you make adjustments to fit with the lore that's being implemented. It will still be up to people to edit their character profiles of any information that doesn't fit with the new lore however, and might take some work speaking with other players that you have backstory with to come to common grounds on what you're carrying over and what your character will have to forget to fit. Keep in mind as well that per the community vote that our timeline will be 6 months from infection, some story lines may have to be severely edited to fit appropriately. @Opticillunitic @Jman14102 @ASpookyRussian Your best bet if you're planning to continue playing a character come .63 from pre-lore would be to write out a timeline as best you can, figure out anyone that plans on playing characters your own knows and figure what events fit for the 6 month timeline between you all. Then when the lore itself is finally finished and revealed, make any further edits to make it lore appropriate. Keep in mind this is technically a different universe at this point and individuals you meet that you knew on .62 may suddenly not know your character. It's better to not assume someone knows your character, and speak to them OOC before up and claiming you know someone while in game. See if they are comfortable with bringing over some past interactions, if not, get to know someone again then like a fresh start.

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      um...ok *is confused* lol

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      You didn't know what Thunderdome was, I provided video

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      oh lol, my bad *rubs the back of his neck*

  9. It's not integral to my story line at all. Every bit can be reworked to fit with the new lore once we've established what all that is, and honestly people can do the same thing with their own story lines when they carry them over; it's up to them to decide how much effort they want to put into making their old characters work with the new lore.
  10. https://www.strawpoll.me/16728445 The second poll that is up is regarding custom guns on the .63 server. Do we include custom/modded guns but leave it up to the players to install the mods regarding them, or do we leave the server with standard guns the developers implement?
  11. https://www.strawpoll.me/16728344 The first poll we have is whether we remove fog on the server until the implementation of dynamic weather, or whether we keep it and tone down how thick it is.
  12. That's why you choose what to carry over with your character and make it fit with the new lore. There will be plenty of people to interact with to continue to push your story and make new memories/develop your character, you get to be the decider of how much knowledge your character has/carries over, and you could play the same character with no knowledge whatsoever and see how he develops a second time if you wanted. Some people enjoy the characters they are playing and the storyline they currently have, and killing off a character they enjoy playing merely because we're moving to .63 isn't an acceptable reason to end a character for most people. It isn't organic nor a realistic ending, but no one is stopping you from doing so if you choose.
  13. Malthis


    Always your personal opinion on things Luna. I've had other people that aren't staff members agree that it should go, and that we should be primarily focusing on pushing RP. The thing is, we're not going to bring back the discord. You have plenty of ways to communicate with the community still without discord.
  14. Malthis


    Once again, I appreciate your personal opinion on the matter, but my own personal opinion is once the modded .63 server opens we'll see the numbers pick back up, and seeing as it's currently past our prime time and we still have 15 players on, I'm not worried.