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  1. JkpFrog

    Jacob Wilson

    Chaotic Lawful isn't an alignment, muffers. It's two opposites smooshed together. Outside of that, I'm curious of what the Orange and Blue on his personality mean--? Could be nifty, since there are some opposing traits listed on there. Interested to see you pull off Cop rather than Military, as you go through with this fellow. Good luck with him!
  2. General Bug List for Players has been updated! Check it out and keep things in mind.
  3. Really like the one blue dash amidst all the infected, and your opinions of everyone -- excited to see his other side of this two faced character of yours. Had fun the twice I've run into you, and can't wait to RP more! Seriously one of my favorite character profiles as well, you've really made it your own.
  4. Kieva - "Young lad, gave me some very useful information." young lad y o u n g l a d that settles it, I'm getting myself some helium -- Jokes aside, I like the updates and similarities with your partners character profile! Shows you're a team and makes it fun to read. Was interesting to run into you and Billy, curious to see what you two'll get up too. Welcome back, hope we get to roleplay some more going forward.
  5. Announcements We've had some announcements going up in Discord and Discord Chat, but since not everyone's in the loop, here's a list of them: DO NOT use the new base building items! There is currently a base building bug that crashes the server, and deletes all base items on the server. Pein will be forcing base items to be turned off until this is fixed by the Dev team, but not everything is gone just yet. For now, keep all new items related to base building out of your stuff. Christmas lights/planks/logs/generators/flood lights/etc is a no go. We all want new things, but it's too buggy and wastes peoples time. If you'd like to use Barrels, Netting and Tents, feel free! There's nothing wrong with building up camps the old way. Reminder: Enable Player Messages, Server Messages and Admin Messages! This will allow you to read those lovely emotes and text from other players, and let our staff team contact you if need be. (After all, lots of us write descriptions of actions and things you might notice, be it blood covered clothes or for medical roleplay, and much more, that can all add to RP.) How to Turn Them On: Get in game, then press exit to bring up the "Exit, Respawn, Options" etc list as per usual. Click on Options, and scroll the bottom of the first page, where three options will be disabled. Click Enable on Player Messages, Server Messages and Admin Messages. You're done! Guns Are Going to Be Tougher to Find This is a game where we want people actively seeking out items. For use. For trade. To steal. Weaponry is a big part of the game, but when things are too easy, it can ruin the fun. M4's and certain ammo types have just gotten rarer. For Now, Permadeath Rules Do Not Apply to AI Too many issues with the current setup for us to apply Permadeath to AI as part of the permadeath ruleset. However, with guns and ammo being tougher to find, and NVFL rules in mind, your character NOT dying to these monstrosities should still be very high on your priority list. Check Out the Current Bugs List Speaking of bugs and current issues, you can find an updating list right Here. It'll take a little while to skim through, but can really help going into this current Patch. There are a few solutions to common issues as well in there! Keep Up to Date on the New Rules Check out the new set of Rules! There are still a few rules that apply more to 0.63 experimental than 0.63 stable, but this will be changed going forward. Regardless, take a few minutes and give them a read over, and take a second to familiarize yourself with our Community Values too! Read over the New Lore We've had some very wonderful Loremasters hard at work the last while, putting together Lore for the server, and it's up now! Read up so you know what people are talking about when they mention Safe Zones, or being out in the Wasteland. Make sure to check out the History Of Chernarus, information about The Infection, and read the about Military Action around the world. For those who don't have much time, there's also a handy FAQs and TL;DR section as well as a Map of the QZones! ----- That's it for now folks, stay tuned for more and stay awesome! -----
  6. General Bug List for Players: 0.63 Stable Known Bugs and Some Solutions 09/11/2018 - 11/11/2018 --Visual Bugs: --Sickness Bugs: --Gun Bugs: --Sound Bugs: --Infected Bugs: PvE deaths related to AI have now been made Non-Perma! --Base Building Bugs: Base Building (outside of Tents/Barrels) Currently Not to be Used! --Placement Bugs: --Horde Bugs: --Car Bugs: ----- This forum post WILL be updated going forward, it has taken awhile to put together, but I hope this helps everyone out there playing and having fun! If you've something to add that's not acting 'as it should' then please post it in the thread I'm going to link, just to keep things tidy! ----- ----- General Bug List for Players: Update Known Bugs and Some Solutions 11/11/2018 --Item Bugs: --Emote Bugs: --Base Building: Base Building now permitted, but with Caution! --Zombies/Hordes/Mods: Report issues that you find!
  7. @dany No. @Frankfurger No. @Katzy Infected have been returned to normal thanks to Pein! @Frankfurger And Gorka is now spawning items.
  8. I've found lots of stuff in Gorka a day or so ago, and yeah I'm finding stuff spawning as well. Might've just been picked clean by people? I'll double check that specific town though just in case.
  9. Things should be spawning, but lemme go check! @FrankFurger Just as a heads up though, PD's won't have much in them anymore. Potentially a gun, a few pieces of clothing and maybe handcuffs. Very little though. They were nerfed by the DayZ Devs pretty heavily this patch, with so much stuff happening in military bases -- and my guess is for the sake of realism.
  10. @dany Appreciate it Dany! @WinterAndrews That's thankfully been fixed, Winters. Everyone was having issues with 'crafting' -- aka combining items, due to a security update. They updated Twitter about it this morning and combining items/repairing items should no longer be an issue. If you notice more issues today or after today, let us know!
  11. The Staff Team is currently looking into bugs when it comes to the Stable 0.63 release. However, as it's a large game with a lot of factors and a lot of new/edited content, it's always good to check in with community members. If you've noticed any bugs, or notice any going forward, please list them here! This will help the server going forward, and make it easier to test if the issues are consistent problems with the current patch. As a side note, this particular thread isn't about what you'd like to see modded or changed with the server (if you think there are too many gun spawns, discussions on what you want for mods, etc)-- but instead what's currently 'bugging out' in the game. We'll have lots of threads to cover the other stuff! So you notice an item or item combination not working as intended, or a game mechanic not working as intended, just let us know here!
  12. You watched the original Sergei die, will you watch this one die? :P

  13. JkpFrog

    Caoimhe Foley

    Got the final Relationship updates for 0.62 up and done, finally. Some have seen theirs already sitting here, and others haven't, so I'm going to tag a bunch of you wonderful folks so you can read and enjoy. ❤ There will be more in the future, with this new lore, and I'll tuck these others under a readmore at that time, as many folks will be starting anew. So, without further ado, thanks to you all for the wonderful RP over the last many months—! @MichTheMedic @Zeltig both got some fitting music for our characters relationship, will add more as we continue into the new lore. You're both amazing, out of character and in character, and I'm lucky to RP with you so much. @Toker @Malthis @Graipyy got some updates, and some fitting music for their fantastic characters. You boys are amazing. @jackhammer40k A little relationship blurb for good ole Colton, loved roleplaying with you and I really hope to RP more with you going forward! And one for @DrBrandon, as I've always loved running into your characters and hope the same! Updates for the wonderful @SofiaL and her character Diana. Not sure if you've seen it already, but there's a bit of music for my characters opinion of yours and an update. Our poor heartbroken gals. And an update for the awesome @WinterAndrews — thank you for RPing such a realistic kid. Pretty sure you folks have read these already, but just in case, I updated @MuffMart @Katzy @Hazard @Opticillunitic @Bambi and even a mention of @dany's rascal. It was always a blast, the story got dramatic and spooky at times, and I can't wait to RP with you folks more coming soon. And in the deceased section, just a small sad sentence for the wonderful @momsemor62 since my character sadly didn't know you much, and a more sad sentences for the now deceased @Jman14102 with Ashley. Poor poor Ashley. Loved RPing with you on him, it affected her massively, and am enjoying the change with Malcom now as well! And one for @devilblade12, you little devil you. Poor Curtis. He died one heck of a dramatic death, and it was grand to see. TL;DR— Some updates, a bit of music, and I can't wait to see (and RP) with you awesome folks on 0.63! ❤
  14. Adding to this section as we play and as things come up. More Notes to Keep In Mind: You cannot currently bandage other people. The animation will show, but the bleeding will not stop for the person. Provide them bandages instead. Rice, cereal, and foods that aren't "supposed" to be in 0.63 are glitched and will cause the individual to vomit and fill up. Some folks are having issues seeing characters new clothing or items when it's changed on the person. Not sure currently what is causing that. After crouching, you will sometimes still be 'crouching' despite standing. Simply press C to lay down, then again to crouch and stand. It'll fix. Important Notes / BUG FIXES: Do NOT open the server via DayZSA Launcher as it won't download the mods required for our QRP server. Open via Steam. Open ONLY via Steam, or else you won't actually be able to see items that have been moved, be it on the ground or placed onto peoples bodies. It'll also not allow you to see Modded items. For now this isn't an option, but required. If you're opening via Steam and are still having issues seeing items that are placed, then go ahead and remove the mods folder that you downloaded and reinstall it using Peins Guide here: To then add your name going into the server, go to the Launch Options and make sure you put: -mod=ModdedScripts "-name=Your Name Here" Where you put your characters full name in the bolded section, instead of the example text of Your Name Here. If you need more instructions, check out Luna's Guide on How To Change Your Name In 0.63. But while doing this, DO NOT REPLACE the -mod=ModdedScripts text in the Launcher that the original guide Pein provided instructed you to put. Refer above. Here is this guide:
  15. Nicely done to the Loremasters for this one! Really liking the new Lore pages up there as well.