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  1. Yeah lets bring back the dead so we can recycle and replay the same stories and roleplay all over again instead of getting creative and doing something new and fresh. Sound.
  2. The greatest Legend to grace us.

  3. Your Character Name: Tyrone Burke Link to character profile: How long have you played the character: Not very long Reason for benching: Dont have time to do what we had planned, schedules are off with group members Are you currently involved in any hostilities or being hunted: Nope
  4. I have never played a character with a military background.
  5. Withheld... for now. "Good" Traits - Calculated, Perceptive, Ambitious "Bad" Traits - Abrasive, Cautious, Sadistic Scars on his back received from lashings (Warning, may be graphic) | "Family" | "Friends" | "Trusted" | Neutral | Not Trusted | Disliked | As Good as Dead | Brand - "Guy is pretty solid. Known him for a bit, only person I could remotely trust to have my back. We share a lot in common, but can also comfortably disagree with each other while striving towards our goals." Johnny - "Didn't think I'd ever see Johnny boy again. Was an alarming but pleasant surprise. He's has saved my ass as many times as he's saved my, but that was another life. Gotta see how he would fair playing the game." Anthony - "Kid's a puzzle, a lock I want to pick. Quiet, and seems to lack the bit he needs to really get going. Can't exactly trust him, but with a bit of work and molding, I think he could be a thing of beauty." Randy - "What a fuckin' weirdo. Kinda funny, and a good businessman. Fair prices at his place. He has his uses. Will have to see where this takes us." Kevin - "Friend of Randy's. Seems okay, if not a bit goofy. From what I gather he tends to get around a bit. Could be useful." White - "Another friend of Randy's. Seems alright as well, nowhere near as silly as the other two. Runs around with Kevin. Could be useful."
  6. Murica/10, only thing that is missing is a bald eagle.
  7. Yo Dannick in your traits graphic there shouldn't be an apostrophe btw