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  1. Ninja


    "Das sind gute nachrichten. Ich hasse Kommunisten. Ich bin nur ein Mann, der Arbeit sucht. Forgive me if I speak poorly. My family did not teach me well. As I was born in America, I mostly learned from my grandfather when we visited Germany often. I will try to contact you when the sun is high. Hopefully you understand English." "Levy it is good to hear that you are alive. Continue to stay safe. Blaubeere ficken"
  2. Ninja


    *Hans would pull out his transceiver while shifting through his ammo can of 5.56* "Mein Deutsch ist nicht sehr gut. Ich werde Englisch sprechen. I am employed by Asgaard, however in our situation of survival I have not been given new work. My name is Hans Kaiser, I am looking for work. I do security." *He sets aside the transceiver leaving it open for a response. While he breaks down his weapon for maintenance.*
  3. If the community really wants community meetings, I will host them for an hour at a time to cover major plans, and answer questions. But let's get server population higher before we start making this a routine thing. Otherwise people just come to the meetings until they get what they want and never actually hop on the server.
  4. IMG_-w7xgfy.thumb.jpg.3c894e162deead90d132a102e40ab3cb.jpg

    >Ninja when he was told he was head admin, and he needed to save the server.

  5. Ninja

    Hans Kaiser

    Height: 5'10" Weight: 180lbs Eye Color: Deep Blue Hair/Beard Color: Light Brown Nationality: Dual Citizenship between United States of America and Germany Character Health: HEALTHY Age: 24 (I'm going for a more organic approach with this character so I will have less backstory on a page and more for people to find out in game. But people like to see relations so here that is.) | Trusted | Friend | Loved/Family | | Just Met | Neutral | | Deceased | Hated/Hostile |
  6. Stream has passed, thread locked.
  7. As a lot of you may know we are having a lore wipe with the release of the .63 server on Monday 11/5/2018. We decided to make this lore wipe because we we're not happy with the state of the current lore. There are a lot of confusing points in the current lore that required constant clarification and usually made it easier for players to completely never reference the lore with their characters. This not what we intended. The new lore will much more user friendly and easier to incorporate into your backstories. Moving on to the Poll, it was whether previously killed character in the .62 lore would be allowed to make a reappearance. The vote was rather close. However dead characters in .62 will continue to stay dead in .63. As a staff team we believe this will promote newer creativity and fresh story lines. We understand that this is not the outcome that everyone wanted however as a community this is the way we are going. I hope to see you all on the new .63 server, and be on the look out for the features you'll only find here on QRP! Be sure to send your love and appreciation to the lore team! @Taryn had been using her all her free time to get this out to you guys, and she has been assisted by @EggEater and @Dvlinhb Thank you! If you have questions about this feel free to contact me on the forums or on our TeamSpeak server.
  8. When you're 2 of those 3 people.
  9. Alright I'm gonna close this thread as the question has been answered.
  10. Jack Kennedy big RIP. @MuffMart
  11. Ninja

    Meth making

    You have to find out organically through in game methods and interactions.
  12. Your boy is running for head admin.

    Send your support!

    1. Aisling
    2. Pein


      This man will never go further than Admin. I hereby promise you that.

    3. BoNe M4N 666

      BoNe M4N 666

      more like BIG head admin. am I right?!