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Our rules have been updated accordingly! Good luck to all of the new members on whitelisting!


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  1. Karma has a weird way of coming around sometimes. Get fucked I guess. 


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    2. Jasper


      Keep yer eyes to yerself Pein 

    3. Pein


      Stay off my site.

    4. Jasper



  2. PC broke - gonna be AWOL for a week if my boi comes through, if not I’m probably gone for around a month or two. ✌️

  3. Jasper


    Then stay perfectly happy with an empty-ish server, inactive forums, and an unhappy community
  4. Jasper


    Hey remember that time staff voted on removing half its active player base and killed the population of the server? Lol. That’s her point. Staff decisions like this behind closed doors are stupid and always bad for the community every single time.
  5. Jasper


    That would be too easy and makes too much sense though.
  6. 🐀 🐕 


    1. dany



      epic troll face.png

    2. Jasper



    3. Jasper


      For any staff members that are itching to feel validated and needed - ISSA FUCKING JOKE DONT ACTUALLY POINT HIM DUMBASSES

  7. RP first - no ruleplay, that breaks immersion! (Btw you need to scream like a spastic retard that you have a sniper in the area because logic)
  8. Visual of Pein killing the server circa 1937 colorized
  9. Jasper


    Wholesome as fuck.
  10. Unban Abu

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    2. EggEater


      Considering his appeal hasn't been replied to, when it's a fairly simple case. Not some elaborate in-game debacle. I'd give it a epic/10

    3. Jasper


      Nah dude we’re waiting for Pein to get back from vacation apparently...you know the guy still on the site who deleted my post and is monitoring the forums and just commented on this. Vacation lol. 

    4. Pein


      I'll read over his appeal when i'm back home. Which is Friday when I'm out my hotel :)

  11. Hey you walking 4head if there’s a wipe - yes you can bring him back because he was never killed thus FrankFurger never killed your character. Try and keep up now. It’s not that complex.
  12. Vote for the time jump then headass.
  13. This. Number 2 and number 8 and number 11 especially. You cant have a point system in place but then ban swathes of people on a baby rage whim for no reason including being scared that people will “mass KOS” despite them having no history of it in any way shape or form in any other community just because they’re friends with someone they’ve known for like a month. And it’s not just them. You do this all the times banning people automatically off of some emotional high you get to as opposed to ever issuing points will always lead to backlash and pissing people off and driving people to leave. Until most of what Nightly has said here changes I know that I won’t be back anytime soon. This is a community you’re meant to lead not a private discord where banning people on a little angst rage trip is totally fine. This is a community where people invest time and emotions in to. For you to on a consistent basis just shit all over that concept to feign this idea that “Hur dur me big epic dictator man >:) now I ban u be cuz I want to!!!” is shitty and aggravating and more toxic for the community than any meme lord could ever be. Its not just rules than need to change its you and your outlook and way of handling shit as well.