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  1. looks perfect miles better then what was written for us brits and irish, good job lads @EggEater @Dvlinhb
  2. @Luna Already working on some Basic British Army info for them.
  3. its fine mate but make sure that if you are writing this that people from the UK and or know UK military give you guys advice on the UK/Ireland Part of the Military Lore @Dvlinhb
  4. Confused as to how the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom became the British army and just all Scottish and Welsh Regiments became just nothing, The Scots,Welsh and Nothern Irish are all citizens of the United Kingdom and The Scots and Welsh and Northern Irish make up Great Britain there are Defined Land Borders to be Guarded when All Boarders have no forms of Border Walls or Checkpoints, This Entire thing needs to be Re-written ASAP.
  5. Highlighted everything wrong with this, already sent it to LM but any Brits/Irish would Highly recommend your thoughts on this.
  6. *Pirate wires up the car battery to the console*


    1. Pirate


      Auf der Heide blüht ein kleines Blümelein
      und das heißt: Erika.
      Heiß von hunderttausend kleinen Bienelein
      wird umschwärmt Erika
      denn ihr Herz ist voller Süßigkeit,
      zarter Duft entströmt dem Blütenkleid.
      Auf der Heide blüht ein kleines Blümelein
      und das heißt: Erika.

  7. Very Successful votes guys, 31-30 we won boys, Time for Creativity and New characters.


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    2. Malthis


      Yeah, the entire point was that the original poll the community voted on gave two options; be allowed to play your .62 characters both alive or dead, or not be allowed to play them at all. These two options basically didn't allow people to clarify if they even wanted dead characters to be played come .63, thus the poll was put together to allow them to voice that opinion. Some people didn't realize how many people felt strongly about the dead staying dead, hopefully this poll shows that, even if it was a narrow win for a side.

    3. dzfhfgjjdtj
    4. Graipyy


      long as theres no special ed bus driving brony hating lard monkeys. ill be ok 

  8. Players characters affect other characters the lore is pointless in character progression.
  9. Bring back the dead because most people wanna play the same sort of character again and not something different, Creativity at its finest @BobbyKyle117 .
  10. can you remove my vote please I voted for the wrong option.