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  1. Did you try a car battery? Thats what I heard its suppose to use for the PSA
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    pls no ban


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    2. Jasper
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      Jasper you already know you are the only eGirl for me. Only someone woth Stockholm syndrome as bad as yours could ever truly stay with me.

    4. Jasper


      “If u disagree w me an dont tendie in forums u hav Stockholm syndrome!” 


  3. Aisling

    Meth making

    watch some breaking bad m8.. they arent saying you cant do it, but I think if you plan to play a meth cooker I understand why youd want to know how.
  4. Cant wait to see the snow in game. Seen some mods of it and Its so pretty! It doesnt really snow here so its nice to be able to have it in RP at least.

    1. Pein


      Thats if the mod actually gets finished by then.

  5. Thank you! I appreciate you answering my questions, reading back everything everyone was saying was making things confusing a bit.
  6. So the infection started in June and the present day in game will be November because thats when Lore wipe is starting and the winter season for that area of the world starts in December, so a month into playing it will be Winter?
  7. I have a question now, since its 6 months in the future Im guessing 6 months after the outbreak, June as you put it, doesnt that mean the outbreak would have started in Winter? Around January?
  8. But... when it is winter time in game/RP... can there be a deep winter?
  9. Ty for the update, appreciate the songs, I like both. They were already on one of my playlists which is kinda funny.
  10. RIP Carter, didnt even realize he died