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  1. MuffMart

    Jacob Wilson

    Keeping the comments more serious on the profile page, but I have changed the mistake.
  2. MuffMart

    Jacob Wilson

    Thanks @Bambi for letting my copy your format.
  3. MuffMart

    Jacob Wilson

    Age: 28 Alignment: Chaotic neutral Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue Height: 5'11" Personality: Cold, charismatic, deceptive, authoritarian, immoral, cruel, confident, honest, loyal, dominant, Significant , Neutral, The Used , Lambs To the Slaughter Claire Philips- After Being around you a lot I've gotten really close to you. I normally don't get close to people, but somehow you sneaked in. on the road we traveled for a while, and I ended up saving your life. We regrouped and You threw your arms around me, I couldn't help but hold you close. It's so out of character for a person like me to feel for anybody. But somehow you got me. Doing the rest tomorrow.
  4. im not jack you ape, im jacob
  5. Your Character Name: Jack Kennedy Link to character profile: https://quarantinedrp.com/forums/topic/32-2nd-lieutenant-jack-kennedy/ How long have you played the character: literally the entire server life span Reason for benching: 63/lore wipe Are you currently involved in any hostilities or being hunted: No, because since it's a lore wipe i can literally just take them out of my backstory.
  6. Updated @Katzy @Bambi @WinterAndrews @devilblade12 @Luna @MichTheMedic
  7. @WinterAndrews literally the last thing I expected, and I expected myself here cos im a fucking chad
  8. Easy. hes sticking around boys.
  9. He's literally chad, and literally your dad
  10. MuffMart

    Nicole Smyrnoi

    LOL CALLIE'S RELATION, disagree my ass, Im right you're wrong. boom. Unless you agree with me. then u right
  11. fuck i made it into neutral, was tryna stay in disliked, Nah not really. Annoying character played extremely well. Goodjob man.