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  1. You seemed to run with them the other day though hmmmmmmmmmm. These are Domonick's thoughts they are far from facts.
  2. +Relations +Skills and Traits section @MuffMart & his goons. @Red @Hazard @PureOG @Katzy
  3. +Relations @MuffMart & @ anyone else in his bummy group @Luna- Cause I think you play the kid (I don't know Mazy's @)
  4. +Relations @Iota of Silver @Powerjake @achmed
  5. ~Coming Soon~ Tight Albert & Billy - "Serial people robbers, known em for awhile, we got split up though. Now I'm running with em again. We gotta watch our backs like a 360 circle!" Alright, I guess Simon-Says - "Kid's alright, but he has to keep his wits about him. Dog eat dog world!" They ain't associated, I ain't shake they hand Jacob - "He's kind of a military dude. Assumed he is the leader of that defunct group considering his bossin' around, and his massive johnson." GOON SQUAD - "Big group passin' through Lopatino and the surrounding area. Kind of militia lookin', so I don't know what to make of them. I barely spoke to any of them, I let Bazlo do the talkin'. -- Hung around them some more, and they all kind of blend into one after awhile. Disposable goon. No personality havin' ass motherfuckas. Them some loyal ass dogs. Led by Jacob of course, but we ain't scared of them." Maisie - "Journalist, took my story. Seems alright, we got along. Fuck, I mean, I know i'm beautiful but damn hold back! I got ladies and paparazzi in one! Seems to be rollin' with the goon's now, and she digged my motorcycle helmet. Too bad I ditched it bitch!" Kvethia? - "Some kid, had a fuckin' STUTTER. Could barely catch her name cause she said it bout 500 goin' on 800 times!" Kind of smell like shit, If I'm being honest Nah. Fucked (Taken advantage of & disliked) Dr. Allen & Khloe - "Allen was kind of a wise-crack, had some bronchitis too. So we just had our way with all his goodies. Some youngin' girl woke up and got caught in the mix of all this too, of course we robbed the kid. It's a cold world, hopefully she learned that." Levi - "Hahahahahaahahha! He's so stupid! Following us to a castle? I mean n$#g% c'mon!" Salmon Hat - "Dude was talking shit to kazoo, so we told him to put his fuckin' hands up. That's how it works bitch! Eventually released him back into the goon squad though, after roughing him up." Freestyle Raps. Skateboarding (Technical and Vert). Rolling you know what. Being loud and obnoxious. Loyal, but at the same time is willing to adapt to new ideas/circumstances. Logical. Loves himself, and blow's himself out of proportion. Was an electrician, got basic knowledge of the trade. 19 going on 20 years old. 5'11 ; Bad posture though. Skinny build. "Dom, Doms, Domo". Favorite flavor is strawberry (anything). Chaotic Neutral. Careless, Always hungry, and got some anxiety too. Gluten Sensitive.
  6. 'preciate it fellas. Just let us know on any future overhauls that need to happen.
  7. sORRY I haven't been playin'. I know you guys love my epic epic characters. Might come back with the miles tracksuit guy i think only maybe @Malthisremembers that one. 

    been busy with too many girls in my bed room, mom! 

    1. Malthis


      Miles brand tracksuits, for when you're not a mile long

  8. Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B. I don't really care, startin this thread back up since i'm the only.... nevermind. Bump this thread with ya tunes below. I need new stuff to listen to.
  9. no yeah, me too. Kind of gross lookin'
  10. EggEater

    Meth making

    Just grow pot lol
  11. EggEater


    I was kind of disagreeing with you guys and saying we should have kept it, but it doesn't matter. xoxo
  12. EggEater


    Everyone that is for-discord is missing the only reason why discord is good. Admit it, we don't NEED it, but we WANT it. Discord offers a more friendly/casual form of random chit-chat, Q&A, and jokes that can never be replicated with forums or teamspeak. That's my major problem, I'm not just gonna cry that discord is better. But it had it's place. On a side note teamspeak and the forums is never something you are constantly logged into, you'll probably be reached faster by someone on discord. You choose when to log onto ts or the forums. Discord is just always kind of there. However, It's not because it's quicker, or has a mobile app, or you can get answers and shit. It was unique and I'm afraid we lost a good community aspect by getting rid of it just cause of a few bad apples. In the end it's whatever like who cares honestly lmao. @Malthis @Zeltig
  13. It's more like, there's just alot of mid twenties male military characters. It's a trope we often see. Or they have some vet background. We aren't saying you guys didn't put effort, it's just a little undiverse and doesn't make any sense for this many mili characters to just be wandering around.
  14. Like Taryn said, the 6mo. makes porting all these characters and storied pretty tough and not realistic if you ask me. It's not impossible, so yeah i answered @WinterAndrewswrong, BUT in most other regards the lore is being changed.